Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mom to an 11 year old?!

I've been slacking!  Sorry!  Since you last read I have become President of the Maryland chapter of Clinton's Club, published a website, re-published the website on a new server, gone through a battery of medical tests, encountered family emergencies, gone on a weekend ski trip, and became the Mom to an 11 year old!  PHEW! This post is almost two weeks overdue, but it is for my girl,  My sweet, kind-hearted, stubborn, generous, eye rolling baby girl who turned 11 on February 17th.  I'm sure many people would say Jenna wasn't planned, and even though she wasn't my original plan, someone obviously knew that I needed her.

From the very moment she came charging into this world (by emergency c-section, 3 weeks early, with her Mom thinking she could have a baby wearing underwear) I knew I was in for a wild ride!

I have never been more proud of something in my life.  Yes, there are times that I could beat my head up against a wall because she is so stubborn, but it is those very same qualities that make me so proud to call her mine.  She will fiercely stand up for what she believes in, and for those who won't stand up for themselves.  Yes, it is also true that if she thinks you have wronged her or her family/friends, you will be on the receiving end of her wrath (I kid you not, when she was 4 she convinced every kid in her pre-school class NOT to attend someone's birthday because he was a bully and picked on someone).

What I love the absolute most about Jenna Lyn is her heart.  She cares so much about others and their feelings.  She is wise beyond her years, and comprehends things better than some adults I've met.  By now all of you know the story of our sweet Clinton.  When Clinton was in the hospital Jenna went to school everyday and told his story.  She stalked, err spoke with kids on the playground.  She told them what 46/7 stood for and she asked them to tell others.  When she told me this I thought it was sweet, but realized they were 10 year old kids and few probably listened.  After Clinton passed I was contacted by Jenna's religion teacher.  She also knew of Clinton's story, but wanted me to know that Jenna had also shared it with the class, and during a recent assignment just about every child wrote about Clinton and childhood cancer.  She said that Jenna was so passionate about making sure everyone knew about Clinton.  When I broke the news to Jenna that Clinton's heart had flown to Heaven she cried harder than I have seen her cry.....and then the very first words out of her mouth were "I need to call my Antey and be sure she is okay".  My Jenna, always thinking about others.  

I know she will eventually read this, because she follows this blog (and has also told most of her 5th grade class because she is just sure we're going to be famous), so Jenna when you read this, I want you to know that you are the most important, best thing I have ever done in my life.  The world is yours for the taking, and I will always be your biggest fan.  I know you will grow up to be something amazing, and I'll be right here supporting you................but I'm not going to buy you swedish fish at 9pm for a project due in the morning :)  Sorry honey, tough love!

Below is a picture of my girl on the day she turned 11.  She sent her birthday balloon, with a note attached, to Clinton.  I know he got it, because it was filled with her love!

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