Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting to know me. An ode to my friends.

I guess for my 2nd post you should get to know me a little better.  I'll tell you my worst quality.  Last year we did a team building exercise at work and I was asked to describe myself as an animal.  I chose a bear because they are fiercely protective of their own.  Being the oldest of 5 brothers and 1 sister suits me well.  If someone bothered any of them in school I let them know it wouldn’t be tolerated.  Here I am 30 years old still sticking up and fighting for them.  The same goes for my friends.  I’m sure all of you know, but in case you don’t-I’m pretty much on my own here in Maryland.  I have an Uncle here, but otherwise my family is spread all over the world (shout out to J and E in Korea!).  Friends are what get me through.  They are the family you choose for yourself.  I grew up with a group of girls who I still call my “sisters”.  They are all beginning to have babies, and I’m missing out on baby showers, births, etc.  I hate it, but at the same time I know that if I needed them I could call and they’d be here.  I also know that I would lay my life on the line for “McAwesome”, “E-man”, “Baby B”, and “Baby H”, even if I haven’t met all of them yet.  They've been my best girls since 5th grade-ish, and I love them!

I’ve been blessed to meet two amazing woman since being in Maryland.  They are the best friends a girl could ask for, and polar opposites of each other.  One is married with kids, and the other is married with no intentions of having anything other than furry kids!  They both “get me".  I love them.  I love their Husbands.  I love “T’s” furry kid, and I especially love “M’s” two beautiful girls.  I would move heaven and earth to get to those girls if they needed me.  J refers to them as her little sisters.  If I could pick one woman who resembles me so much, it would be her.  I know if anything were to ever happen to me she would raise J as her own, without me even having to tell her how I wanted it to happen.  Jenna loves her and feels equally loved when she's with them-for that I'll always be thankful!  Over the past year our friendship has faded slightly, but my love for her and her family has stayed the same. 

There you have it.  My worst, but best, quality-I love often, sometimes too often.  I am quick to let people in, but just as quick to kick them out if they betray my trust!  Of course these are just a few of my favorite people.  My family needs their own page, my Grammy needs her own book, and there are far more friends I couldn't live without.  I’ll tell you what else I fell in love with quickly.  THESE!!  They were the first vegan food I ever made.  If you’re questioning whether you can go vegan and still have delicious foods, make these.  Tonight my girlie is sick, and this just so happens to be her favorite cookie, so I whipped her up a batch!  Trust me, if you love peanut butter you'll love these!  **This recipe, of course, is from Mama PeaMama Pea's recipe claims to yield 12 balls for 140 calories each.  Now, I don't know what size balls she prefers, but I got 24 good sized ones.  Did you do the math?  That's a 70 calorie vegan cookie that tastes like it was plucked right from the cloud my Pa is sitting on in heaven.  YUM!  No Mom or wife fails tonight.  Happy Tuesday!

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